Basketball Series History vs. Stephen F Austin

Winning team is bolded and Razorback Red.
DateHome TeamAway TeamScore
24ArkansasStephen F Austin53 - 24
Coach: Glen RoseNotes: Houston-TX - US Olympic Playoffs Tournament
2016-12-01ArkansasStephen F Austin78 - 62
Coach: Mike AndersonNotes: Fayetteville-AR
2009-12-19ArkansasStephen F Austin72 - 69
Coach: John Pelphrey
2008-12-20ArkansasStephen F Austin67 - 51
Coach: John PelphreyNotes: Fayetteville-AR - Jim Thorpe Classic
2006-11-18ArkansasStephen F Austin70 - 59
Coach: Stan Heath

Overall Statistics
Total Games Played5
Win Percentage1.000
KARKFox 16 ArkansasKWNA

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