In Some Cases, Be Careful What You Wish For and Spring College Football is One of Them

FAYETTEVILLE — It appears the Big Ten and Pac-12 are going to try to have a spring football season as are some other smaller conferences.

That sounds good in some ways, but a closer look doesn’t necessarily support that. The conferences choosing to not play this fall might be better off just waiting until the fall of 2021 to resume football games.

Why? Spring football brings on many things that some apparently aren’t taking into consideration. That is kind of amazing since all we hear in a normal year is player safety.

So some schools are wanting to play, let’s say, 10 games in the spring and then a full schedule in the fall? Two football seasons in one calendar year? Then don’t preach player safety if you favor that format.

With football in the spring how many players who are considering the 2021 NFL Draft are going to play a spring season then basically go almost straight into an NFL Camp? Play a college season in the spring and then do the NFL grind in the fall? What was that about player safety?

I get the concerns about COVID-19 in the fall. Some dismiss it as no risk and others wisely take it seriously. Doesn’t mean you can’t play in the fall with a structured setting. You can and despite all the risks of COVID-19 it’s certainly no more dangerous than playing football in the spring and then again that fall.

I get the possible legal ramifications from a COVID-19 death or serious illness. That is something each conference has to consider. But please, in the name of player safety, don’t be self-righteous and make the statement you are moving football to the spring because of player safety. If you are doing it to keep from getting sued by some family then OK, but don’t disguise it under player safety.

A spring football season and then another in the fall has many, many safety risks to an athlete. In addition, it will be played without many players on each college team. They will choose to opt out of the spring and work on the NFL Draft.

Many are going to hate this column, but hopefully there is college football this fall and, if not, then in the fall of 2021. The spring of 2021 isn’t the answer if anyone has any concerns about player safety. While there are risks for COVID-19 in the fall, there are risks for serious concussions and many other injuries asking someone to put their body through two football seasons in a calendar year.