Kam Curl’s parents love watching son live out his dream in the NFL

You can argue that Safety Kamren Curl was the steal of the draft a season ago for the Washington Football Team. Picked in the 7th round, he quickly made a name for himself in the locker room, with the fans, and around the league.

In 16 games in 2020, Curl had 88 tackles and 3 interceptions, including a Pick-6 against the 49ers.

Watching all that success is his mom, Adrienne and his dad, Greg.

“He wants to be great at it, he doesn’t want to be good. He wants to be great,” says Greg Curl.

“I knew he had it in him, but it was still kind of like ‘Are you? Did you? Yes you did just do that.’ So I expected him to do that and then some actually,” adds Adrienne Curl.

It’s a dream come true to watch their son live out his dream of playing in the NFL.

“The first time I saw him walk out on the field as a professional football player was probably my favorite moment. Just seeing him reach that dream that he said as a little kid, ‘I’m going to do that,'”

His rookie season Kam quickly became a big part of the Washington defense, grabbing a lot of national attention.

Kam Curl Had Impressive Rookie Season

“I know they [Washington] are happy they took that chance. They have a 7th rounder who is producing,” adds Greg.

Unfortunately the success came during a season in the middle of a pandemic, making it a unique situation for his parents when it came to watching him play.

“We couldn’t go to the game, so we were at his house watching him on the TV, and then he walks through the door and it’s not the same.”

However, they were able to make the 4 hour drive from Muskogee, Oklahoma, to Arlington, Texas, to see him play in person at AT&T Stadium against the Cowboys.

Football Moms: Adrienne Curl

“For me it was great, and they were kicking the Cowboys butt. It was a lot of trash talking but it was fun trash talking, and then after the game they were like ‘that was ya’lls son?’ and were were like ‘yea.’ ‘He’s good.” adds Greg.

Kam is primed to have a season in 2021 better than 2020, and his parents are right there behind him, being his biggest supporters.

“I’m super proud. He is amazing to me. Even as a woman, take away mom, that is an amazing young man. My respect level, I’ve said this before, how could it get even more than this, but it has. He is a special somebody, and I am honored once again to be a part this journey with him. I mean daily I look at him and think ‘Wow, God saw fit to allow me to be your mom, and take this journey with you,'” adds Adrienne.