Bumper Pool Excited to Play Close to Home Saturday, Thinks Game at AT&T Stadium Helps Recruiting in Texas

FAYETTEVILLE — Senior linebacker Bumper Pool came to Arkansas from Lucas (Texas) Lovejoy and on Saturday the Hogs will take on Texas A&M in AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Pool, who has been outstanding at Arkansas, is looking forward to playing in the stadium where the Dallas Cowboys have their games.

“”It’s such a big game obviously being from Texas and recruiting wise, as well,” Pool said. “I have so many friends from my high school that went to A&M. Same thing with Texas. These games mean so much, not only for me, but for recruiting. It’s such a big fanbase with Razorbacks in that Dallas area, so I’m excited to see the turnout of Razorback fans there. It’s going to be a big one.”

For Pool, he had strong recruiting ties to Arkansas when he was in high school. However, he talked about if the Razorbacks playing each year in AT&T Stadium helped him choose the Razorbacks.

“Obviously, I have my ties to Arkansas with my dad and his side of the family,” Pool said. “There are so many people from my high school that went to Arkansas, so going to Arkansas was a popular thing. I think it’s continuing to grow. I look back now, and I think the class that goes to Arkansas continues to grow every single year.”

Some feel the game hasn’t helped Arkansas’ recruiting in Texas like it was thought. Do you feel the game has helped with some recruits from Texas?

“In my personal opinion yes,” Pool said. “Just because I’m from there and I love the game always being there. I think it brings a great atmosphere, and honestly whenever you get that many Arkansas fans in Dallas, it just creates a buzz and grows that reach that Arkansas has.”

Pool talked about how he handles trying to get more tickets for his family this game.

“Yes, it’s competitive,” Pool said. “Honestly my sister(Maddie) takes charge of that. She’s always trying to get people’s tickets calls on me asking my buddies. She always gets the credit for wheeling and dealing with the tickets.”

Do you know how many you and her have been able to roundup for this game?

“You know honestly I don’t know,” Pool said. “I’ve got my parents and then besides that Maddie kind of takes care of everyone else needing tickets. I don’t know the exact number, no.”

One thing Pool is sure of is how proud he is of his sister who works in the athletic department and does outstanding work.

“Yeah, my sister is one of the hardest-working people I know,” Pool said. “She’s up here everyday doing a bunch of stuff. Honestly she has so many different roles, one of them is helping with my ticket situation. But for the coaches, she’s doing everything she can, helping with Ops, recruiting. So I’m just honestly so proud of everything she’s done here. She kind of started out in recruiting, just kind of grew into her role and took on more responsibility. Excited for everything she’s done and just real proud of her.”

The Razorbacks hold a comfortable advantage in the all-time series against Texas A&M, 41-33-3, but the Aggies have won the last nine. Arkansas’ last win against them was in 2011. Pool was asked how much the players hear about the losing streak?

 “Yeah at the end nothing wins or losses from last year matter,” Pool said. “This is a new year and a new team. Obviously there’s a fire lit inside of us wanting to get this win. So we’re just taking what we see on film from this year and how we play Saturday.”

Pool leads the Razorbacks with 30 tackles this season, including seven solo, and two for loss. In 34 games thus far in his career, Pool has recorded 254 tackles, including 99 solo, 17.5 for loss, one sack and 14 pass breakups.

Saturday’s game between No. 16 Arkansas and No. 7 Texas A&M will kickoff at 2:30 p.m. and televised on CBS.

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