Sam Pittman Plans to use Dallas Trip For Recruiting and Facing Texas A&M

FAYETTEVILLE — No. 16 Arkansas will face No. 7 Texas A&M on Saturday, but prior to that the Hogs will do some recruiting as well as host prospects at the game.

Arkansas can host recruits since they are the designated home team this year. Sam Pittman talked about that.

“Yeah, we’re going to have recruits there,” Pittman said. “Obviously we can’t talk to them, but we’re going to have recruits there. We’re going to have five of our coaches out on the road starting tomorrow night. They’ll leave after practice tomorrow night and the coordinators will handle the walk-through on Friday, which is easy. They’ll be out to games, watching different kids play Friday night. The coordinators will handle those meetings, as well. We have to get out. It’s our first opportunity to get out. We could get out around here, but it’s our first opportunity we’re using it. I wasn’t comfortable going out, it was too early, letting our coaches go out during the Texas game or the Georgia Southern game. But we’ve got the routine down now. The kids understand, so I’m comfortable with letting the guys go out. We need to. I mean, recruiting’s your lifeblood, so we need to.”

The Razorbacks now have used 19 of the allotted 22 scholarships for the Class of 2022. Pittman actually gave a different timeline on when Florida State transfer wide receiver Warren Thompson was given a scholarship.

“Well, to answer the last part of it, no, I haven’t made any others,” Pittman said. “And Warren, I put Warren Thompson on scholarship before school started. I’m not a flashy guy in that where I make a video or all that. The purpose behind that is because guys are disappointed if they’re not that guy and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But if you earn a scholarship, at least in my opinion then I need to give you one. I don’t need to make it flashy because I’m so afraid how to make the guys that don’t one. I sent him over in the indoor, called him over after practice and I told him I would not give him a scholarship until he blocked somebody. Then he had a good week of blocking, then I called him over and said, ‘Well, I told you what I’d do if you did start blocking,’ and he did and I gave him a scholarship. He earned the scholarship and I was able to give it to him. That was quite a long time ago whenever he went on scholarship.”

Pittman, like all the coaches at Arkansas before him, knows the importance of getting Texas talent to Fayetteville. This game helps in that regard.

“Yeah, very,” Pittman said. “I’ve been on the phone with a lot of Texas kids in the ’23 class recently, and the win over Texas has really helped us. It’s a big state. The University of Texas can’t take ‘em all, A&M can’t take ‘em all, and then there’s a lot of kids down there. Certainly we’re going try to go in there and get the best as well. Us and a lot of people Everybody in our league. A lot of people. It’s a highly populated state, a lot of good players, and they’re important for us. To be honest with you, the Hogs are strong in Texas right now.”

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