Pair of Young Tackles Will Get Look at Offensive Guard This Week

FAYETTEVILLE — Much like he did in his first season at Arkansas, Sam Pittman is going to look at two offensive tackles giving a try to guard this week.

In 2013, Pittman did the same thing when he moved Dan Skipper and Denver Kirkland to the offensive guards from tackle. Now, Pittman is going to look at redshirt freshman Jalen St. John and sophomore Ty’Kieast Crawford at the guard spots. Pittman talked about that on Monday.

“I think every week you look at your personnel,” Pittman said. “You certainly want to get the best players you can on the field. What you do is learn from a game like this. You learn as a coach what you did wrong as well. You can’t just say Georgia is that good, but they are so you have to figure out is our personnel strong enough to block elite players.

“We’re going to get some guys to challenge inside at the guard spot, to see if we can’t get a little heavier, a little more physical in there. We’ll give St. John and Crawford some chances to go in there and play a little bit. We’re not firing people because of that game, but we’re always looking to try to get better. Those two kids have been playing out at tackle. St. John played a lot at guard, or some during the game at guard and he’s just a bigger, more physical guy. Not saying he’s better, but I think those two guys we’re going to move inside and see if there’s an opportunity for them to play for us.”

St. John is 6-foot-5, 340-pounds while Crawford is 6-5, 355. They have been listed as the backup offensive tackles. Pittman and the Hogs started Brady Latham and Beaux Limmer at the guards on Saturday. Both are listed at 6-5, 300.

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