Fastest Cop in the World: Wallace Spearmon

A star on the track for Fayetteville High, Arkansas and professionally, Wallace Spearmon has a new purpose these days.

“Parents get a little confused, you see the head pop to the sideways and try to figure out what is going on,” says Spearmon. “You’re not being Punked. It’s really me.”

The two time Olympian is now a cop, working for the Elkins Police Department for the past year.

Bryan Watts, Chief of Police for the Elkins Police Department says, “We were very fortunate to have someone of Wallace’s character want to work for our police department.”

Spearmon first reached out to Chris Krodell of the EPD who says, “He said, ‘hey I want to be a police officer.’ I said “no you don’t.” I said “man you are still fast.’ and he said, ‘no I’m getting to that age where I’ve got to slow some stuff down, and I said you wont slow stuff down doing this.”

But’s Spearmon has embraced his new role.

Earlier in December he participated in his second “shop with a cop event.”

“Honestly for me it doesn’t matter what the holiday is or what the reason, that just kind of how I am wired. And it’s the time of giving,” says Spearmon.

Sergeant Chris Krodell says people are enthralled by Spearmon when they see him. But Spearmon doesn’t pay the added attention much mind. Unless, they challenge him to a foot race.

“Now a few of the city employees and the kids want to race him in the parking lot, and that is interesting because he will give them a big big head start and then smokin’ them in the end,” says Krodell.

Spearmon is looking forward to this next chapter in his life, and he heeds this warning:

“I guess I am the fastest cop in the world, so if you run I will catch you. I don’t know what I’ll do when I catch you, but I will catch you.”

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