Linebacker Brian Huff talks Hogs, much more

By Otis Kirk
on 2022-09-27 06:17 AM

FAYETTEVILLE — Valley View Class of 2024 linebacker Brian Huff is one of the prospects in Arkansas who holds an offer from the Razorbacks.

Huff, 6-3, 225, has helped Valley View to a 3-1 start this fall with 0-4 Forrest City up next Friday. Huff has 29 tackles, two for loss, one pass breakup and a fumble recovery. At tight end for the Blazers, he has one catch for 24 yards. Valley View dropped the season opener to Harding Academy, but have bounced back to defeat Poplar Bluff (Mo.), Rivercrest and Paragould. Huff talked about how the season is going so far.

“It’s going good,” Huff said. “Our team is playing real good right now. Maybe we can make a run in the state playoffs.”

Huff has offers to Arkansas, Arkansas State, Missouri and Memphis. Like most in the state, Huff has been very impressed with Arkansas’ pair of linebackers Drew Sanders and Bumper Pool. Huff will be among the many recruits in attendance on Saturday to watch the Hogs take on Alabama.

“Drew Sanders that guy is real good,” Huff said. “I would like to be like him. He plays real fast and physical.”

Earlier this season Huff attended Arkansas’ 44-30 victory over South Carolina. He was impressed with what he saw that day.

“It was my first SEC game,” Huff said. “So it was different than the American Conference I think Memphis is in and the Sun Belt with A-State. It was a way better experience going to an SEC game. Then the atmosphere there was different. It was way different than anything I’ve been in.”

An atmosphere like that is something Huff can see himself playing in when he goes to college.

“Oh yeah, I can see myself playing at any level,” Huff said. “I will probably make a decision on where I want to go later this year.”

While Huff is impressed with the Razorbacks it wasn’t something he thought that much about when younger.

“You know I didn’t really have a favorite team growing up,” Huff said. “I just watched whatever game. When I was little, I just watched college football highlights and certain players. I never really had a favorite team.”

As far as when it comes time to make a decision on his future school, Huff talked about what he’s looking for in a college.

“A place that actually loves me and wants me,” Huff said. “Good coaching. A cool place to be. Like a fun team.”

Arkansas’ linebacker coach Michael Scherer checks a lot of boxes as far as what Huff is looking in a college coach. Scherer is a younger coach who has impressed recruits including Huff.

“Coach Scherer is a real cool guy,” Huff said. “I love talking to him. Then he played at Missouri. He played linebacker at Missouri so I’m like learning things from him. He has done it all. He was like second in tackles there. So he knows what he’s doing. He’s a cool coach.”

The fact he is young and easy to relate to is that a positive for you?

“Yes sir,” Huff said. “He uses more like younger language. He’s a cool guy.”

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