Noah Ponce Enjoys Football Camp at Arkansas


FAYETTEVILLE — Duncanville (Texas) Class of 2023 center Noah Ponce is working hard this summer attending football camps in an effort to get seen by recruiters as well as improve his game.

Ponce, 6-1, 270, was at Arkansas’ football camp on Saturday. Following the camp he talked about how he did.

“Yes sir, I won four out of my five reps,” Ponce said. “I feel I did really well. I would say I was a standout just out of my perspective and all the coaches were saying like great job especially Coach (Cody) Kennedy. I got to talk to him a little bit. He seemed to like me and like my technique. It was a really great experience.”

What are your impressions of Coach Kennedy and did you learn some things to help you at Duncanville?

“I learned using force to the ground with my steps, run blocking and pass blocking,” Ponce said. “Coach Kennedy as a coach he’s a really cool guy. He’s real genuine and easy to talk to. He won’t sugarcoat you, but he won’t put stuff down your throat so to say. I really liked him and got to have a great conversation with him. I would love to play for him.”

Arkansas signed linebacker Jordan Crook from Duncanville in the Class of 2022. In addition, one of Ponce’s best friends is defensive lineman Kaleb James who is committed to Arkansas in the Class of 2023. Both have been in his ear about Arkansas.

“I’ve talked to him (Crook) a couple of times,” Ponce said. “Me and Kaleb as well as me and Crook are really good friends. They’ve told me so much about Arkansas. How great a place it is. How fun it is. The great atmosphere, the great coaches and such a loyal fanbase. Just a great place to be.”

Ponce also attended a Prospect Day at Arkansas. This summer he has been busy attending camps and it seems as if you have done pretty well is that accurate?

“I feel it’s going to be very beneficial for me to go to these camps,” Ponce said. “Get myself seen and introduce myself to a bunch of new coaches all around the schools I’m going to with coaches flying everywhere. I feel with my technique and being able to take stuff back to Duncanville. Creating force to the ground is a big emphasis all these coaches have been telling me. So I feel like I’ve improved a lot about my game with that. At Duncanville my coach Xavier Joe has improved my hands a lot. Introduced me to a new mindset being at Duncanville, I feel very prepared for my senior season.”

Duncanville came up one game short of winning the state championship. How good can you be this season?

“I think we’re gonna take a step up,” Ponce said. “We’ve got a lot of great leadership on the team. We’ve got a lot of great talent coming up from the Class of 2024 and Class of 2025. We’ve got a lot of great talent. It’s going to be really fun my senior season. I want to have fun. Just ride it out and hopefully get some offers in the process.”

Ponce talked about the one offer he has and the other colleges he is talking to.

“I currently have an offer from Grinnell College (in Iowa),” Ponce said. “I’ve been in contact with some Ivy League schools, some D-11 schools and some FCS schools. I talked to Coach Kennedy a little bit. He just said I looked really good at the camp and he just hopes I can come to Arkansas one day.”

If it eventually worked out for you what would a chance to play at Arkansas mean to you?

“Through Kaleb, me and him being really close friends, the community that Arkansas has and the loyal fanbase,” Ponce said. “Just really the culture that Coach (Sam) Pittman has brought to Arkansas it reels you in. I fell in love with this place. I grew up a big (Texas) A&M fan, but seeing Arkansas come up and being around it so much lately it has really taken over my heart. I would be more than loving to play here.”

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