Ryan Wingo Talks Arkansas Visit


FAYETTEVILLE — St. Louis (Mo.) University High Class of 2024 four-star recruit Ryan Wingo was among the top prospects at Arkansas on Saturday.

Wingo, 6-2, 198, is the younger brother of former Razorback running back Ronnie Wingo. As a sophomore, Wingo caught 32 passes for 638 yards and 15 touchdowns. He averaged an amazing 46.5 yards per kickoff return and had 844 total yards of offense.

Wingo talked about how Saturday’s Prospect Day went for him.

“It was a good visit it was fun,” Wingo said. “Got to go to the baseball game which was pretty cool. I saw a home run for the first time. The campus was good too. Got to dress out. It was just a fun visit.”

What was the highlight?

“Probably coach (Sam) Pitman talking to me,” Wingo said. “That was kind of nice to see the head coach showing interest. And coach (Kenny) Guiton I got to see him again. We have a great bond.”

Wingo said he and Pittman had a funny exchange going to the baseball game.

“He kind of hand his hand over my shoulder as we were walking into the baseball game,” Wingo said. “He was like I know him type of thing. This is Ryan Wingo type of thing so that was kind of cool. Kind of funny.”

Wingo also praised the facilities he saw while on the visit.

“They’re real nice,” Wingo said. “I saw the locker rooms, they’re nice. The game locker rooms are even nicer. Kind of like an NFL type of stadium locker room. The stadium holds a lot of people. The Fred Smith Center is also pretty nice.”

Also how much different than when Ronnie, who lettered from 2009-2012, played here?

“I was kind of young when I came to Fayetteville for the first time,” Wingo said. “But my dad kind of kind of remembers so he said he used to live in a different dorm than they do now. I saw the dorm they live in now. Nice dorm I know that for sure. The field also looks kind of different when I watch his highlights and stuff like that.”

Would following in Ronnie’s footsteps be something you would consider a plus for the Hogs or not?

“It really doesn’t matter to me because we both went to the same high school,” Wingo said. “Following his footsteps it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Probably be an even better thing because he already got the fan love from here so it would just add on to me so it would be good all around.”

What has Ronnie told you about Arkansas?

“He really doesn’t say nothing,” Wingo said. “He’s letting me choose where I want to go. We’ll see what he has to say when I tell him I liked the visit.”  

Was the visit about what you expected or did it exceed it and if so how?

“It kind of exceeded especially with coach Pittman talking to me a lot,” Wingo said. “It kind of made it even better. He’s a real good coach. I would love to play for him one day.”

What was some of the things he talked to you about?

“He really talking about everything,” Wingo said. “He was talking about life. He wants me to come play for him so we’ll see.”

Wingo has over 20 offers to choose from at this time. Is the visit something that can the Hogs going forward?

“For sure,” Wingo said. “It’s giving me a high. I like it a lot so that should be enough there.”

What visits are next on your schedule?

“I honestly don’t know,,” Wingo said. “I think I’m coming back up here for the spring game maybe if I don’t have a track meet. I really don’t know what other visits I’m going on. I’ll probably found out when it gets closer.”‘

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