Injury Updates For Razorback Football


FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas has been able to avoid serious injuries this spring for the most part and Sam Pittman provided an update on Tuesday.

Other than redshirt freshman linebacker Chris “Pooh” Paul suffering a concussion on Saturday Pittman said the Hogs got through the first spring scrimmage without injuries. Tight end Trey Knox was in a car that got hit during spring break and is still out with the concussion. Will he be back soon?

“I don’t know,” Pittman said. “He banged his head up, I guess, on a window or something, whenever that car collision happened. He’s just not himself yet. He’s a tough kid so I’m not questioning of that. I just don’t know when he will be back to be honest with you. I would hope Thursday where he can get acclimated where it’s a non-contact type deal. Maybe he could be back Saturday. It not then maybe the Tuesday of next week where he could get the last two weeks.”

Junior running back Dominique Johnson rushed 97 times for 575 yards and seven touchdowns while catching seven passes for 71 yards and a touchdown in 2021. He hasn’t been on the field this spring and Pittman doesn’t expect him to.

“He won’t be ready to do anything until early summer, mid-summer before he can actually do cutting,” Pittman said. “He’ll be able to run straight ahead here. He’s done a little bit of that, jogged, but no, he won’t be able to do anything really in spring ball.”

Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Terry Wells is also not on the field this spring.

“Terry’s got an injury that we’re getting looked at and we don’t exactly know what we’re going to do there yet,” Pittman said. “Obviously we’ll do whatever the medical staff tells us to do. But he’s had a back issue.”

Defensive end Landon Jackson transferred to Arkansas from LSU at midterm. He’s being counted on to provide help for the Hogs this fall. To this point he too hasn’t been able to get on the field.

“I think he can start getting into some of the jog-throughs, some of the things that we do,” Pittman said. “We’re trying to get him in some individual stuff, but that’s probably about as far as we’ll be able to go over the next two and a half weeks.”

Oklahoma transfer Jadon Haselwood has battled a shoulder injury recently, He practiced with a green protective jersey all last week. He had it on again Tuesday. Haselwood caught 39 passes for 399 yards and six touchdowns at OU in 2021.

“Haselwood got out of his green (jersey) and played,” Pittman said. “Got that shoulder beat up just a little again.”

Arkansas will return to the practice field on Thursday.

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