Jadon Haselwood Has Big TD Catch, Fitting in With Hogs


FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas fans were excited when wide receiver Jadon Haselwood transferred from Oklahoma and on Thursday he gave a glimpse of why they were so pleased with his addition.

Haselwood broke deep during Thursday’s practice getting behind the secondary and KJ Jefferson found him for a 50-yard touchdown. That is something Sam Pittman, Kendal Briles and all associated with the Razorbacks hope they see a lot this fall. Haselwood played with some talented quarterbacks at OU and now is with Jefferson.

“KJ, he’s got a great touch pass,” Haselwood said. “I can’t really compare those quarterbacks, you know, they’re all different styles, you know, different conferences. So you really can’t compare those, but I’d say I’ve play with some great talent and I’m excited for what’s in store for me and KJ.”

At OU in 2021, Haselwood caught 39 passes, most on the team, for 399 yards and six touchdowns. He is familiar with Treylon Burks and knows the comparisons have already started with the former Arkansas great.

“Oh, yeah,” Haselwood said of knowing what Burks did. “That was that was part of the reason why I came here. Of course, Treylon Burks is one of a kind and I know, everybody expects me to fill his shoes. But you know, like I said, he’s one of a kind. So I’m just trying to get in where I fit in and make plays with the team.”

While the comparisons to Burks will obviously not end anytime soon, but describe your game and who you might compare that to?

“I would compare myself to maybe DeAndre Hopkins,” Haselwood said. “But I can run routes and stuff like that. I’m trying to work on getting my speed back, you know. Just, I don’t know, get more crisp at route running. Getting more comfortable really more so with the offense. Just try to learn as much as I can.”

Another wide receiver with ties to Arkansas was Mike Woods who transferred to OU from the Hogs for his senior season. Haselwood said he did talk to Woods about Arkansas.

“Yeah, for sure,” Haselwood said. “Mike Woods is one of my closest friends. When he transferred to OU, we took him in as a brother, and it’s always going to remain the same. So, yeah, of course. He was one of the guys I did come to and ask how did he feel. And he told me like, ‘Yeah bro, it’d probably be a great fit for you,’ and I just went with that.”

His former high school coach at Ellenwood (Ga.) Cedar Grove is also now the running backs coach at Arkansas. Smith recruited Haselwood once he entered the transfer portal.

“I do have that connection with Coach Smith,” Haselwood said. “He was my high school head coach and I just felt like it really made sense for me to come here. Of course, I know Coach Pitt (Sam Pittman), too, because I was committed to the University of Georgia my freshman year, sophomore year all the way to junior year of high school. It was all just kind of connected that way.”

When Haselwood went into the transfer portal he wasted no time getting in touch with Smith.

“I actually reached out to him first,” Haselwood said. “Because he was kind of like a role model in my life in high school. He kind of grew me up and made me who I am today. So I just came to him for advice and he didn’t even really put that pressure on me to even look toward any other school and I just figured it out and came here.”

Haselwood feels like now he made a very good decision to come to Arkansas and talked about how he is meshing with the team and everything around the town.

“Everything’s just kind of going smoothly for me,” Haselwood said. “I’m still learning. But I’m still pushing hard every day, trying to practice and give everything I got. So hopefully, after spring ball, I just have time to kind of get it together. But right now I’m just fighting.

“I just really think it’s just the SEC. I mean, I feel like every school in the SEC, it’s just kind of like Southern hospitality if theat makes sense. Everything is more family oriented. And especially here, you know, just because I’ve known some of these people before I even signed here or whatever.”

Haselwood talked about to learn new terminology and playbook after having played at OU for three years.

“I wouldn’t say it’s tough,” Haselwood said. “I mean, I look at myself more so as an older guy. I kind of know football a little bit. I came from a totally different offense, but I feel like this one is more easier to learn, especially with Coach Briles. And then, everybody knew I was coming here pretty much when I came on my visit. So, we talked ball, and I kind of wrote stuff down, and that’s how I learn. I write stuff down, and I just remember it.”

As far the other wide receivers at Arkansas, Haselwood talked about Ketron Jackson and some others.

“He’s a great route runner,” Haselwood said of Jackson. “He’s great at dropping his hips at the top of his routes. He just gives me kind of more of a Jerry Judy type of route runner, minus the hard sticks and stuff like that. But he’s a great route runner. I think he’s going to be a great playmaker.

“Yeah, I just feel like we all make plays and are excited for each other and make each other more hungry. I see Warren (Thompson) catch a pass or a bomb, or Ketron, it makes me want to do the same thing or Vice versa. It just makes everybody better.”

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