Sam Pittman looking for more wide receiver help

By Otis Kirk
on 2022-09-15 11:46 AM

FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas’ wide receivers looked good in preseason, but so far Sam Pittman is hoping to get a few more in that group to step up.

Oklahoma transfer Jadon Haselwood leads the Razorbacks with eight catches for 72 yards and one touchdown. Matt Landers is next with seven for 88 yards while Warren Thompson has five receptions for 58 yards and a touchdown. Ketron Jackson and Malik Hornsby each have caught one pass.

A pair of redshirt freshmen and three true freshmen are wide receivers Pittman is hoping can get involved in the passing game. The redshirt freshman are Bryce Stephens and Jaedon Wilson. The true freshmen are Isaiah Sategna, Quincey McAdoo and Sam Mbake.

“Yeah, there really is,” Pittman said of a chance for more cracking the rotation. “I’ve said it before you know how I like this group. Of course, you prefaced the four guys who have been playing a little bit. But you’ve got Wilson, Stephens, McAdoo. I really like McAdoo. Mbake is coming on, and he’s going to play more special teams wise. Sategna, I like him a lot. We have big plans for him. He rolled his ankle yesterday. I don’t know exactly where he’s going to be on that. Those guys are good players, but we just haven’t had the situations really right yet.

“Even Ketron Jackson, who I think is a really good player, we haven’t got him the reps really yet that I would like to. Those are good problems at times. To answer your question, I’m really high on McAdoo and Sategna and Mbake. They’re all really good players, and of course we have the other guys in Stephens and Wilson who aren’t playing that I like as well. I would have no problem putting them in the game, but the situation hasn’t quite been there yet where we were able to do that.”

Landers came over from Toledo where in 2021 he caught 20 passes for 514 yards and five touchdowns in 12 games. Prior to that, Landers had played in 25 games at Georgia with one start.

“He’s a very quiet and business like personality,” Pittman said. “A mature guy. I didn’t know him quite as well, obviously wasn’t his position coach when I was at Georgia. But I knew that he was fast and was a good person. But our relationship has grown since he’s been here. Obviously had more time to visit with him and talk to him and I’ve tried to be of help to him and he’s been a joy to have on the team.”

Haselwood came over from Oklahoma where he led the Sooners with 39 receptions and six touchdowns. The catches went for 399 yards. Pittman said Haselwood is having fun with the Hogs.

“I think yeah, I think he’s having a good time,” Pittman said. “He’s a physical kid. He’s a man. He’s a mature kid. He’s not afraid to say his opinion, which helps the football team. He’s not afraid to lead. Brings a lot of confidence to the offensive football team. He just does. He brings a lot of confidence. He’s never down. I like everything about him. I think he’s tough and physical, a good player. I hope he’s having fun because I’m having fun because he’s on the team.”

Arkansas (2-0) will host Missouri State (2-0) at 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 17 on ESPN+/SECN+.

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