Third quarter woes mystery to Sam Pittman

By Otis Kirk
on 2022-09-26 12:52 PM

FAYETTEVILLE — No. 19 Arkansas is 3-1 following a loss to Texas A&M 23-21 on Saturday night in Arlington, Texas.

The Hogs have beaten Cincinnati, South Carolina and Missouri State. Arkansas has outscored its opponent in the first, second and fourth quarters. However, Arkansas is losing the third quarter 40-13 and that has Sam Pittman concerned. He was asked on Monday if he knows why the team is struggling so badly in the third period, but playing well in the others?

“No. I mean, I wish I did,” Pittman said. “We’re gonna have halftime at practice this week. We’re just gonna stop, and then we’re gonna come back and go good-on-good right when come off of halftime. We’re gonna change the way we stretch coming out of the half. We’ve gotta change something. You know what we’re trying to do, we’re trying to put it in our mind that we gotta get going.”

It happened again against the Aggies on Saturday. Arkansas was up 14-13 at halftime, but A&M was riding momentum of scoring the final 13 points. They returned a KJ Jefferson fumble 98 yards, but the PAT was no good to pull within one of the Hogs.

“We couldn’t get out of our funk Saturday,” Pittman said. “I mean we’re still up. I met with the staff, and then while they were meeting trying to adjust, I was in the locker room talking to our kids, ’cause you could feel that we were behind by 30. And we were up. And you could feel it. So I went in and started talking to ’em about what we have to do and made ’em aware that we haven’t started fast in the third quarter and things of that nature. It was just ‘bluh’ for a few minutes on the clock, maybe the entire third quarter, and it’s been that way the entire year.

“You always worry about starting fast in the game, and we’ve been okay with that. It’s the second half where we’ve, I think every game this year, we’ve been ahead, or we were behind at Missouri State, but we’ve been worse. They’ve either been closer to us, or we’ve been worse behind in the third quarter of every game, and we have opportunities to put people away. Just haven’t been able to do it, so it’s on our mind. We’re gonna change a few things up at practice to see if we can emphasize it a little bit better.”

While the Hogs have won the first quarter 28-10 and second 35-29 its the fourth where they have dominated opponents. Arkansas has outscored its opponents 58-24 in the fourth.

The Hogs and Cincinnati were 7-7 in the fourth quarter in the season opener. Arkansas outscored South Carolina 23-14 in the fourth quarter to put that game away. The Razorbacks only led 21-16 entering the final 15 minutes.

Arkansas trailed Missouri State 24-17 after three quarters in Week 3. The Razorbacks responded in a big way outscoring the Bears 21-3 in the fourth quarter to take that victory.

The Razorbacks won the fourth quarter 7-0 Saturday night in Arlington, but came up just short of winning. A missed field goal with 1:35 remaining assured the Aggies of getting out of AT&T Stadium with the win.

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