WATCH: Scotty Thurman looks back at ’94 Championship game against Duke


FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) – It’s hard not to compare this Razorbacks basketball team to the 1994 National Championship squad because according to one of the guards on that team, Scotty Thurman, there are actually a few similarities between the two.

“Having the me against the world mentality, that’s the biggest part of the similarities, playing with that chip on their shoulder cause no one every expected them to be at this point,” Thurman said.

The similarities keep coming since the last time Arkansas met up with Duke was in that 1994 Championship game.

It’s a game that’s held close to Thurman’s heart as he hit “the shot heard round Arkansas” in it. So who does Thurman think would take “The Shot” in this game?

“I think Notae would probably be the candidate to take it. However, he’s probably gonna have the ball in his hands and they are gonna double him and try to get it out. I think Toney or Umude could take that shot. If Trey Wade can get to the corner, if it’s a corner three, I think he’s very capable of it as well, those three guys, at least we got three likely candidates,” Thurman said.

Another person who played in that championship game, but for the losing side of it, Grant Hill. He will be calling the game tonight and that doesn’t bode well for Arkansas fans, since Thurman thought he wasn’t kind to the hogs in the Gonzaga game.

“It sounded like he was a little irritated with Arkansas and the way that we were playing and i just felt like he was getting flashbacks from his time when he played against us,” Thurman said.

Even though the odds are stacked against the Razorbacks, Thurman said this is a team that can go all the way.

“We’re not gonna get a lot of calls, we’re not gonna get favorable commentary, there’s gonna be some things that go awry, but I think our guys just to continue to do what they are doing. Stay focused on the task at hand. The goal is to go to the National Championship, not just to go to the Final Four,” Thurman said.

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