Cody Taylor talks Arkansas’ Prospect Day

By Otis Kirk
on 2023-12-09 16:45 PM

FAYETTEVILLE — Greenwood Class of 2026 interior offensive lineman Cody Taylor was among the top recruits at the Arkansas Prospect Day on Saturday.

Taylor, 6-3, 289, was a key member of the Greenwood offensive line that paved the way for a perfect season and Class 6A state championship. Taylor gave his impressions of the visit and Arkansas’ new offensive line coach Eric Mateos.

“Coach Mateos is an awesome guy,” Taylor said. “I got to see him at Baylor at a camp. Got to meet him in person which is a blessing. Congratulations to him and everything he has going on.”

Taylor talked about what the recruits did during the visit.

“I got to tour the entire facility,” Taylor said. “We got to go out to JJ’s and got to eat some good food. Sam PIttman was out with us for about 30 minutes. Coach Mateos got to sit with us the whole time. It was awesome to be able to talk to him about stuff.”

Mateos recently was hired away from Baylor to replace Cody Kennedy who went to Mississippi State. Taylor has confidence that Arkansas’ offensive line is in good hands with Mateos.

“Yes sir, he’s such a cool guy,” Taylor said. “I think he will really bond with the players. He’s just an overall guy you want to be around.”

Taylor currently has offers to Kentucky, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, New Mexico State, Toledo, UNLV, Virginia Tech and Memphis. Taylor is hoping for an offer from Arkansas.

“No sir, they did not,” Taylor said of Arkansas talking timeline for offer. “They just said don’t focus on the players. Just focus on my ability to get better at center and guard.”

The talented offensive lineman talked about what an offer to Arkansas would mean to him.

“It would be awesome,” Taylor said. “Coach Mateos is a really cool guy. To be able to play under him with the way he coaches and his love for Arkansas I would love it.”

Taylor is impressed with the Arkansas facilities.

“It’s awesome and I’m sure it will get better and better over the years,” Taylor said. “This place is great.”

Taylor and the Bulldogs defeated Little Rock Christian to win the state championship and complete the perfect season.

“It was awesome,” Taylor said. “I know the seniors felt very happy.and I’m glad I was able to do it for my seniors. It’s just a great feeling and I can’t wait to win it the next two years.”

Greenwood will return several key pieces from this squad next season as well.

“We’re losing quite a bit, but we have a lot of talent a grade above me and a grade below me,” Taylor said.

Taylor was asked if he has any more unofficial visits lined up for the near future?

“No sir, this really just came out of the blue when I got this one,” Taylor said. “My focus is just to get stronger in the offseason and that means going to the gym every single day after practice. Eating the right foods and becoming a better O-lineman overall.”

Did this visit help Arkansas in that you got to spend more time with Coach Mateos?

“It definitely helped,” Taylor said. “Being able to come see him again. I’ve only met him one time so being able to see him with my home college team was awesome.”

Taylor appreciated all the time that Coach Mateos spent talking to him on Saturday.

“That made me feel really good,” Taylor said. “It made me feel like he actually cared. It was genuinely interested. I really appreciate him taking his time out to speak to me.”

Arkansas will hold another Prospect Day next Saturday.

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