Fernando Carmona priority recruit for Hogs, enjoyed visit

By Otis Kirk
on 2023-12-15 15:11 PM

FAYETTEVILLE — Former San Jose State offensive tackle Fernando Carmona has his transfer destination down to three schools including Arkansas.

Carmona, 6-5, 315, was all smiles after his visit to Arkansas. Sam Pittman and Eric Mateos have made a very strong impression on Carmona.

“Coach Pittman is second to none dude,” Carmona said. “He’s very himself. You can tell the entire visit. He’s just a ball of joy. His wife is an amazing lady. I had a great time with Coach Mateos and all the guys that have been a round so it’s been an amazing time.“

Carmona shared a funny story when it came to the highlight of the visit for him.

“The best part of the visit would probably be at JJs,” Carmona said. “They called the pigs up. That was my first pig call. That was something special. It felt great to be a part of it.” 

Carmona talked about his first reaction to the Hog Call.

“At first I was like what the heck is going on,” Carmona said. “And then afterwards I was like man, I can only imagine however many in a crowd yelling this before a game. That would get me going. That was a special moment to me.” 

Carmona talked about his visit details including the Hogs, UCLA and Auburn. He was at UCLA last weekend.

“I’m going to Auburn today but this experience was second to none.” Carmona said. “Fayetteville is something else.”

Did the visit to Arkansas their its chances as much as it seems?

“Yes, most definitely,” Carmona said. “Being around the coaches and just around the players, I really like this place a lot.”

Carmona is being recruited to play left tackle for the Hogs. He was hosted by right guard Joshua Braun.

“Very well put together, great guy and an awesome dude to be around,” Carmona said. “Showed me around and gave me some of the tips about this place. Really good dude.”

On the field, Carmona seems to have a mean streak and talked about that.

“I won’t show it outside of football,” Carmona said. “But once I get on the field something flips and I don’t know really know what it is but I just go out there to kill. That’s my plan every time someone lines up across from me, is to kill.“

Carmona, who started 24 games, helped SJSU become the third-best (27th nationally) rushing offense in the country this season as well as protecting Cordeiro’s blind side.

According to The Mercury News in San Jose, Carmona was one of the few SJSU players and the only offensive lineman to have a name, image, and likeness (NIL) deal this season. California Wet Burrito, a Mexican restaurant located just two blocks south of campus, negotiated a deal with Carmona that included naming a burrito after him and splitting a percentage of profits anytime a customer bought the item.

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